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We are a mobile digital mileage correction service for London, the South East and Kent with over twenty years experience.

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What we do…
• Mileage Correction
• ECU Remapping

Multi-Car Discounts available.

We can now correct the new Add Blue Transit, the new shape Renault Trafic and the new M1 7 Golf.
Mobile mileage correction
People often ask is it legal to change the mileage of your car, the answer is yes. There are many reasons why you may need to do this.
Mobile mileage correction
  • after battery has been jump started
  • after an accident
  • after water damage
  • due to an electrical fault
  • due to a new engine being fitted
  • after fitting a new/secondhand odometer
Mobile mileage correction
By remapping we tune the engine to where it should be, you can provide your engine with more power when needed or back off when using economically making it more fuel efficient.
Mobile mileage correction
By changing the standard factory settings of your engine with ECU Remapping technology we can increase the power and rev’s in your lower gears. By doing this it will allow you as the driver can drive in a more economical style.
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07801 368 650
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